Feet First

i In our beloved camper-van, Australia. After a long days drive we couldn’t find anywhere to park our van in the dark, so opted for a quiet field that seemed out of the way. At 6am we were hastily awoken by the sound of a tractor driving in circles around our van. As I poked my head out of the window an angry farmer shouted at me “the campsites down the road”. It turned out we’d parked in one of his fields and he wasn’t best pleased. After making our apologies we promptly departed and drove two hours to meet our good friends Sam and Anna who live in Glebe, Sydney. Sam’s band were playing a gig that night, which we went to see. After spending four months travelling, it’s great to see some familiar faces!

i We’re having a baby! Our two sets of feet are soon to be joined by a third little pair.

i The beaches North of Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal (where all the nudists go).

Tom Robinson


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